Saturday, May 17, 2014


Ok...not healthy but oh so students and I walked to McDonalds for lunch. I really don't think I have ever seen them eat so much! Needless to say, the walk home was much slower than the walk on the way there.

One student said, "My mom made me bring my case of an emergency."  Another one added, "Yea you can just call 911."  Then this little cutie said, "I know what that's like...having an overprotective mother!"  The same one that had the 911 comment said, "Yea I too!"  LOL!! 

We had the special treat of a dad, aunt, uncle, and cousins of one student get to go with us. fun loving mom was here for a visit so she got in on the excitement as well. A great day ended by kicking back in my ikea chair while we all watched "Frozen" in the classroom. I told my students they could sing...but they couldn't sing louder than the girl in the show!

When I mentioned that I was planning to add the photos to my blog, the little guy beside my mom said, "You are going viral!"  Ha Ha :)

I just love these kids!! Life is never dull with all the fun personalities God blessed me with this year.  My 22nd year teaching and it's just as rewarding as the first! What a lucky lady I am!!! :)