Thursday, November 27, 2014

New Year's Resolutions Hall Display

I'm always looking for ideas for cute hall displays to make our hallway look more inviting.  We are located on interior walls with NO WINDOWS ANYWHERE so we try to keep it festive.  I created this flip book after finding the idea on pinterest.  I adapted it to fit my needs and decided to post it on tpt.  The numbers for 2015 and 2016 are included in the file.  Somewhere I have pics of the hallway after the finished project was up...but finding them is not happening right now.  Maybe later...

I also created interactive white board files using both ActivInspire (Promethean) and SMART Notebook software.  The files can be printed but I am happy to email the pdf after purchasing.

"The Polar Express" Week Long Unit

I LOVE "The Polar Express" book by Chris Van Allsburg!  I created this unit about two years ago but still look forward to using it the week before we leave for Christmas break.  At the end of the week my students receive a special delivery from somewhere cold...At least the package is cold and the students LOVE the contents of the package!

The week long unit is linked to common core standards for 3rd grade and contains essential questions as well. Graphic organizers are included for Frayer Model vocabulary, story map, character traits, cause/effect, and compare/contrast. Other items included are a Reader's Theater copy of the story for five readers, story sequencing, and comprehension questions. In addition to the full color copies, there are black outline border pages.

I also created interactive white board files using both ActivInspire (Promethean) and SMART Notebook software.  The ActivInspire file includes a quiz that can be used with student response devices such as ActivEngage or ActiVote.  All three items are available in my tpt store.
Happy Holidays! 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

How's Your Pain

A very wise young lady spoke at her sister's funeral yesterday.  While I find it amazing that she was able to stand and speak, it's even more so because of the profound words she spoke.

Sydney...that's her name...began by reading an excerpt from a book.  The jest of the excerpt was dealing with the familiar question, "How's your pain?" That's what we often hear when visiting the ER either in real life or through movies, TV, or books.  "How's your pain? On a scale of 1-10, how's your pain?"  If we are really strong we might say a number that is less than another person might say, but in a nutshell, the 1-10 scale is fairly effective in giving medical personnel the quick needed information to get things going in the ER. "How's your pain?"

This wise young girl went on to read a poem titled "Footprints in the Sand."

After reading the poem she linked the ER excerpt to the footprints poem.  So now...on the day she was speaking at her sister's funeral...she would describe her pain as a 10...but she knows without a shadow of a doubt that there is only one set of footprints in the sand.

All of us at one time or another have experienced the pain of a 10.  We are human and life can be unfair at pain is bound to be part of it.  What Sydney reminded me yesterday is that God is willing to carry us through the pain until we are back at a level that we can handle.  I am so guilty of trying to take on all the pain myself instead of allowing God to carry me through.  He wants to carry all of us...we just have to be willing to let him.  This verse from Isaiah, along with many other verses, reminds us of God's desire to carry us through the pain.

So thank you Sydney, for reminding me that God will be the footprints when the pain is too much for me to go on.  You are wise beyond your years.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Science Focus Wall

The Science Focus Wall is finally finished. Whew! It's hard to get to everything with four teenagers in the house!  :)

Included in this file are green slides and pink/turquoise slides.  

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Social Studies Customizable Focus Wall

At the request of one of my buyers, I created a focus wall using an American Flag theme.  There are blank slides so you can type your own standards, objectives, and essential questions.  Look for Science focus wall products coming soon!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Of Course it All Had to Match!

After changing my classroom to Chevron Chalkboard, I just couldn't stand to look at some of my resource posters that didn't match. My teaching friend next door redid our multiplication posters and that got me started on a couple other things. we have Chevron Chalkboard Six Traits of Writing Voices, CAFE Posters and Writing Process to match it all.  Happy decorating!!!

How about some FREEBIES?

Look for classroom pics coming soon! I absolutely love the way it all turned out. Some of the other teachers in my school also used the Chevron Set so I'll be adding random pics from around the school as well. There are so many different ways to display the same resources.  :)